Travel – Flack Back Friday to Day One in Chicago

I may not currently have any adventures planned, but I have many past adventures that I think deserve a space on my blog since they each change how I see and experience the world… So to include them I will be including them in a Flack Back Friday Travels series.


Getting from Boston to Chicago may be one of the easiest flight with all of the flight choices and quick flight time! An added bonus is that my college roommate happens to live just outside of the city!

Once we landed we took in Uber to our hotel downtown, which ended up being in a great location ( one never knows when to think something randomly off at Expedia ha). Our 1381304_10153962032440319_152899030_nhotel, Hotel Indigo Downtown Gold Coast, was cute and charming and even dog friendly although we didn’t bring moose. After we dropped our bags and had a cup of  coffee (love the Keurig in the room touch!) it was time for an adventure!

Feeling motivated and ready to stretch our legs after flight we decided to walk down to “The Bean”. On our way there (it wasn’t as close as we thought…. read miles and miles of walking) we saw a good deal of the city and the river! Of course we had to stop and take pictures all along the way because it was so sunny and pretty and the buildings were amazing. Yes I was one of those tourists that kept looking up at the buildings instead of watching where I was going. Thankfully the hubby and friend didn’t let me walk into any poles!1911750_10153961040185319_270973787_n

As we were walking suddenly the sea of buildings opened up and there it was the giant shiny “Bean”in the middle of Millennium Park. Now the bean is actually called Cloud Gate but to be honest all I can see is a bean! It is quite a site to see given its size and is such a different way to ‘see’ the city as it is essentially a mirror.

After many pictures and muck gawking we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and 1920504_10153962031715319_974888984_nchange for dinner and drinks with our favorite newlywed couple! We celebrated our first night true Chicago-ian (?) style with deep dish pizza and drinks. Who knew a tiny pizza could not only feed four of us but stuff us so much that we had to say no to dessert! The details and review of our pizza place will be saved for another post, but apparently there is a long standing debate of which deep dish pizza is better in Chicago… Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria and Giordano’s Pizzeria

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