Dine – Maria’s Pastry Shop

img_6905Boston’s North End is notoriously Italian, to the point where walking down the street you hear conversations in Italian and the smells coming from every other restaurant and ally are very Italian as well (read: garlic).
A traditionally Italian dessert is a cannoli, which is essentially a tube of fried pastry dough filled with a sweet cream filling that most often has a ricotta base. In Boston there are two notorious cannoli places, Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry Shop. Any day of the week you can spot these two establishments because of the INSANE lines winding down the block!

Before our recent adventure to the North End, I did some Yelp and Trip Advisor research to see if a cannoli from each was really worth the wait and brain damage. After a bit of digging I found Maria’s Pastry Shop, who happen to have slyly won the award for Best Cannoli in Boston in 2014 (beating out Mike’s and Modern). Since it was a chilly day we decided that waiting in the line wasn’t worth it for Mike’s or Modern and tried Maria’s instead.

So since I have not had a cannoli from the other two places I can not compare, but I can tell you how AMAZING the cannoli from Maria’s was! The shells were crispy and flaky, no soggy pre filled shells here! And the filling was deliciously creamy and rich without being too sweet!

If your in the area and looking to avoid lines I defiantly recommend Maria’s. Maybe next time I will test my patience and try Mike’s or Modern’s for comparison?



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