Travel – Flack Back Friday to Day Two in Chicago

10007532_10153975463360319_343497522_nOur second day in Chicago we went the ultimate tourist route and decided to hit Wriggly 1798078_10153970357780319_1660581382_n1604752_10153970359435319_1577569557_nField, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower).
We adventured to Wriggly field knowing full well it wasn’t open, considering it was NOT spring and roughly 25 degrees outside. But even seeing the stadium from the outside was pretty cool. They have all kinds of banners and signs and statues around. And it was kind of nice that we were the only ones around

Next was onto the Lincoln Park Zoo, which we actually kind of stumbled upon. I had convinced the boyfriend to go for a walk even though it was freezing. We happened upon the zoo and it was FREE! Not expecting much for a free zoo, we were throughly impressed! All kinds of animals from Moneys, to zebras, to camels to lions were all there and doing the animal things that they do!

In the afternoon we met up with our Chicagoan  friends (who happen to be Californians) to go to the Sears *Willis* Tower. They had been living in the area for over a year and still hadn’t been so they joined in the  tourist adventure to check it off their Chicago Bucket List.

After standing in line for quite some time we finally made it to the front entrance where you take an elevator to the top. Before we went we heard rumors that you could feel the building move with the wind because of how tall it is. This is TRUE, now its not like an earthquake movement, but it is defiantly not a stable ground. The view is amazing, even on a cloudy day, and the ‘glass’ boxes sticking out from the building are pretty freaking cool! (or scary if you don’t like heights).

To complete our adventurous day, we decided to find some Mexican food for dinner, seeing as our Chicagoan friends has told us multiple times how much they miss good 1911748_10153968159655319_821056199_nMexican food from California. I put my best yelp-ing foot forward and found us Blue Agave Tequila Bar & Restaurant, which was near our hotel and had decent to good reviews.
We all figured we might as well take a chance since we all love Mexican food and how bad can you really mess up chicken, rice, beans and tortillas? At the restaurant we found amazing (and Cheap) Margaritas and delicious Mexican food of all kinds. We all ordered something different and ended up with at least one bite from each plate. This has now become our friends go to spot for Mexican food in Chicago… guess its alway worth it to take a chance!


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