Travel – Boston House of Blue’s Concert

IMG_6987My husband knows how much I love adventures. So week before last he came home with concert tickets for Friday night at the House of Blues downtown. The concert was the last stop of Vance Joy’s tour.

We drove downtown around 6, plenty early for the 7pm doors opening with Vance Joy expected to hit the stage around 9pm. As soon as we got close driving we noticed a very  long line, like blocks and blocks. We were able to park right next door to the concert hall for $15, SUCH a deal for parking in downtown Boston.  Then we hiked our way to the back of the line which had extended to the freeway overpass (luckily there was still a giant sidewalk for the line). Right at 7 the line started moving and we got in to the building within 15 minutes!

Once we walked in the door we realized why on earth people were lined up SO early. Because its all general admission (by floor) and none of the floors are slanted to provide people not on the railing a decent view. We quickly realized that standing behind people at the railing wasn’t going to be much fun, and opted to sit on the floor near a bulk head in the railing, so we were on the rail but looking through the railing.

We found ourselves some drinks and enjoyed the show. The first two opening acts were a singer, Jamie Lawson, and a band, Blind Pilot, that I had never heard of. BIMG_6965oth were surprisingly good and have since been added to my iTunes. By the time Vance Joy came on we were very glad we chose to sit, as it was already 9:30 aka we would have been standing for over 2 hours before the main act even started! He was a very good performer (not all musician are) and his banter between songs was made much more amusing by his fun Australian accent.
After his regular set and two encores it was official over and WAY past my bed time! A good night in the books for sure! If your planning to see a concert at the House of Blues in Boston either get their REALLY early to line up, or sit on the ground by the bulk head later and care less about how dirty your pants get and how not tired your legs are (ha!).


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