Travel – Flash Back Friday – Cook Islands

1920019_10154832810945319_5038005353644924903_nFor my twenty fifth birthday, my lovely parents surprised me with a trip of a life time, and told me to literally pick anywhere in the world and my mom and I would go! First off do you know how hard it is to pick ONE place you want to go above all others? Second is this real life?

After much time spent looking at a world map, lists of the top places to visit before you die, and the Pinterest travel section in general, I learned one thing, I’m in love with the beach. So as much fun as a crazy adventure to the mountains of New Zealand or the busy markets of Thailand looked, I choose to save those for another time, and stick with my obsession… Sun and Sand. Once I decided this I enlisted the help of my mom, aka the family travel extraordinaire, to find the most amazing memorable beach for this special trip. After some digging, googling, and deciding the Cook Islands became our destination.

Every time I mention the Cook Islands I get quizzical looks and questions like “what?” and “where the heck is that?”… so here’s a little geography lesson for you.

The Cook Islands are…

  • An island country in the South Pacific Ocean
  • In association with New Zealand
  • Is 15 islands whose total land area is 91 square miles (Rhode Island is 1,045 sq. mi.)
  • Currency is the New Zealand Dollar
  • Languages are English and Cook Islands Māori (an island language)
  • Popular attractions are snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, and beaches

Our trip took us to the two most popular and biggest islands, Rarotonga and Aitutaki, which were still shockingly TINY! 10392390_10154825913890319_8771140927841328816_nWe ended up buying the trip through Costco, and it was apparently more geared towards honeymooners. We discovered this when we arrived at both of our rooms decorated to the max with fresh flowers and a bottle of wine on ice (not to mention the towel swans in a heart… My mom and I both laughed out loud at that part).

I will separate the islands each into their own posts because otherwise this post will be miles and miles long!



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