Dine – Georgetown Cupcake’s on Newbury Street

IMG_7037IMG_7038You might have noticed by now, that I have a sweet tooth. If there is a pastry shop or bakery that is raved about I the person that MUST visit if I’m nearby.

When my sister in law was in town, she mentioned wanting to see Newbury street, and my first reaction was “OMG, I have to take you to Georgetown Cupcakes”… not that I’m obsessed. Although it is a good thing that driving downtown takes forever, that parking is insane and expensive, otherwise I swear I’d weigh twice what I do now.

This little cupcake shop fits perfectly among the boutiques on Newbury street, and is just as skinny and long as all the other shops around. Walking in the door you are greeted by a huge display of cupcakes on one side and a menu board on the other listing all the the days flavors.

We decided to each get our own cupcakes, Classic Yellow Birthday Cake for her, and Chocolate Coconut for me, and to split the Earl Grey Lavender cupcake, because have you ever heard of such an interesting fun flavor?

All of the cupcakes were fluffy, light, moist, and delicious. We each picked our own choices as our favorites, and rated the Earl Grey cupcake as good but not the best, we wanted more lavender flavor in the frosting because the buttercream was overpowering.

We were lucky that it wasn’t busy when we visited as we were able to sit at one of their tables inside, but on a busy day there would be little to no chance of this, and we would have had to take our cupcakes to go. I will be back any chance I get, because I have yet to find a cupcake anywhere else that can compete on quality with these!


2 thoughts on “Dine – Georgetown Cupcake’s on Newbury Street

  1. Love that you go to Georgetown Cupcake! I’m from the Midwest so I don’t live anywhere near close-enough to go, but I have been once when visiting D.C.! I had the Hibiscus cupcake… it was AMAZING! Definitely something I can’t find anywhere else!


    • CThies says:

      I lived in Colorado for most of my life and didn’t get to visit until I moved here! A hibiscus cupcake sounds AMAZING! I will have to keep my eye out for it so I can try it!


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