Cook & Bake – Zoodles

An adventure doesn’t mean that you have to leave the house. Sometimes cooking something new and different can be an adventure in itself.

I was recently inspired by my college roommate who just got a spiralizer for her birthday. After receiving picture after picture of her delicious creations I decided to dust off my spiralizer and jump on the “Inspiralized” bandwagon.

Through some trial and error I’ve discovered my
favorite way of making zucchini noodles (is zoodles enough of a word to use?). I have seen posts saying to boil them in water… whatever you do, DO NOT do this. Zucchinis have more than enough water in them and boiling them just makes a mushy mess. Here’s what I do to make my zoodles…

First I wash and spiralize them onto paper towels. Then I spread them out an lightly salt them to draw out as much of the excess water as possible. After letting them sit for 10-15 minutes I heat a table spoon of olive oil on medium to high heat and add in the zoodles. I intermittently stir the noodles as I add in my seasoning of choice (this time it was pesto sauce that I found at Costco). I like to cook them until they start to get hot as not to loose too much of the slight crunch of the zucchini. Then serve immediately so they are hot and fresh (like you would pasta). Side note… if you let them sit too long more of the moisture will seep out and you will eventually be left with a puddle on your plate along with some soggy noodles… so eat up!